Box Cutting Machine VPS 100

The KRAFT VPS100 is a packaging machine that allows producing packagings at the right time and in the right quality from endless corrugated material. Boost your production towards cost savings and sustainability.

Overview of your benefits:

  • Produce corrugated packagings in batch size one, tailored to your products so that void fill is reduced – stop shipping air!
  • Buy a machine, not corrugated material contracts (you choose the vendor).
  • Create cuts, creases and perforations in length- and crosswise direction with the patented multi-purpose tools.
  • Produce complex multi-part boxes (e.g. top and bottom part) in one job.
  • Create digital box designs with the KRAFT Box Designer 2.0 software on any desktop workplace.
  • Operate the machine with the intuitive KRAFT HMI – machine operation alongside job, corrugated and digital design management. All on one interface.


Kraft multi-purpose tool

The multi-purpose tool sets new standards in terms of capacity, processing quality and precision. Cuts, creases and perforations can be created by each tool – KRAFT calls this the
Single Point Principle.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Multi-line processing: Create complex box designs in one flow.
  • VPS 100 cuts corrugated material with rotating toothed blades that operate against a rubber-coated roller. The cuts are therefore clean, fiber-free and can be operated by hand without risking injuries.
  • High speed and precision servo drives cut repositioning times to a bare minimum.
  • Cutting blades operated by separate linear drives – uniquely set the perforation level for each line of your box and thereby determine folding behavior and stability.
  • Creasing rails prevent the corrugated material from breaking during the process: create distinct and sharp folding points.

Cutting Tool


Kraft Box Designer 2.0

Box designs are digital representations of your box cuts – create any box design with the latest release of the user-friendly KRAFT Box Designer software.

Key features:

  • Path-based creation of box designs: easy to learn, easy to do. Get creative with your box designs.
  • Paramatric box designs. Realize dimensional changes with ease.
  • Multi-part box designs (e.g. top and bottom part of a box).
  • Individual parameters (e.g. dash length for perforation lines) for each line. Set and tune them to your needs.
  • Built in validation check. See if your box design runs seamlessly on your machine.

Kraft Box Designer Software


Box Cutting Machine Services


Use the offer of comprehensive trainings which are carried out in the KRAFT Technikum. Thus, operators, maintenance and service staff are optimally prepared.

Service App

With the new KRAFT Service App, you have the opportunity to access important information about your machines in a very short time. For example, the user is supported in replacing wear parts step-by-step by means of a 3D animated assembly manual. Moreover, necessary components can be ordered directly from the app. This saves valuable time and money.

Packaging workshops

In packaging workshops, KRAFT offers the opportunity to test the packaging of your own products. Together with KRAFT, the optimal packaging design can be found to balanced product protection, material usage and cycle time.

Track width optimization

KRAFT analyzes your production data on a retrospective basis and provides an optimal use of the corrugated cardboard widths.